Shopping in Communist countries is not fun. They lack the variety of goods and services that we take for granted here in the United States and pretty much all the other non dictatorship/communist countries in the world. The picture above is a picture of a supermarket in the Soviet Union around 1986. As you can see, there is not much in the meat department. The lady in the front looks dissatisfied with the options in front of her and so does everyone else around her. They are all frowning and looking at the food with sad eyes. This is a contrast to what you would usually see in an American supermarket. Normally, all the shelves are stocked and while customers might not be bursting with joy every time they walk into a supermarket, they don’t have a sense of gloominess around them either. Or if they do, it is not caused by the supermarket. In the picture, the poorly stocked supermarket is sort of a reflection into the nations economy. Usually, if the economy is doing well, then stores and the people reflect that by being happier and having more goods to sell. However, if something such as a natural disaster hits or the economy plumets, then stores aren’t as well maintained, the people are sad. In the Soviet Union, the stores were always like this and many people has frowns permanently etched into their faces. In the Soviet Union, the supermarkets were always like this, which goes to show that communism is like a natural disaster. It can destroy the economy and the general happiness the the people in the country.


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