Hello everyone! This week is AP testing week, SOOO much STRESS!!! You know what the best thing to do after taking an AP test? Go eat Sushi! Because that is exactly what I did after my AP calc test. I went to a place called Full Moon in Fountain Valley. It was so good and not too expensive either. I went with 4 other people, so 5 in total and it costs us about $66 which is about $13 per person. Sushi is a traditional dish that originated from Japan. It primarily consists of raw fish, rice,and seaweed. However, traditional sushi has the seaweed on the outside where as in America, the rice is put on the outside to make it look more appetizing to westerners. In America, you will find sushi that is stuffed with avocados, vegetables, and other condiments, but traditional sushi usually just has a slice of raw fish on top of rice. And, the fish used is incredibly fresh. That is why in Japan, it is custom to only put a slight dab of soy sauce or wasabi on the fish (not the rice) to enhance the taste because too much would muddle the flavor of the fish. So, whether you prefer traditional sushi or westernized sushi, it is a great option for after AP testing snack.



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