7 Leaves

Hello everyone! If you live in Fountain Valley, or go to FVHS, then you should already know this, but a 7 Leaves Cafe recently opened up. I’ve been there a few times myself, and I love it! They have a small menu made up of Teas, Coffees, and some snacks. When I go, I usually order some sort of Tea because it makes me feel healthy even though I know it’s not. But, it has the Tea name in it. Here is the link to their official website. It has a list of all the drinks they offer and a description of what each drink contains. This place has become super popular among the students at Fountain Valley High School. I see people go there before school and after school to get drinks or snacks. They also have a stamp card, where if you get 9 stamps ( aka buy 9 drinks) you get the 10th one for free! 😀 One of my favorite drinks is the Strawberry Hibiscus Tea. It has strawberry parts and a slice of lemon in it to make it healthier. There are also some other thing in it that I didn’t know what they were, but I ate them anyways. Then, later, I looked up what a Hibiscus is, and it turns out it is a flower. So… did I just eat a flower? 0-0′ Honestly, probably not, it didn’t look like a flower. The Cafe also has an option to add boba in it too for all you boba lovers. ❤



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