Food Interview

This week, I decided to interview my friend, Rebecca, about food. She is just like me because we both love to eat all the time.

K: What is you favorite type of food?

R: My favorite type of food is seafood.

K: Why?

R; Because it taste good.

K:  What type of seafood is your favorite?

R: Shell fish like clams, crabs, lobster, craw fish. Oh, and dried squid even though it isn’t a type of shell fish.

K: Do you have a favorite seafood restaurant?

R: The kicking Crab and The Boiling crab.

K: Have you ever tried to cook sea food at home?

R: I cooked fish.

K: And how did that turn out?

R: Good.

K: Have you ever had a bad seafood experience?

R: Yes, once I ate this type of fish that caused me to poop out oil.

K: How did that make you feel?

R: I never want to eat that type of fish anymore and I will warn everyone else not to eat it.

K: What type of fish was it?

R: It was a white-like fish, but I don’t know what type of fish it was.

K: Do you eat sea food a lot at home?

R: I guess so.

K: Could you expand on that?

R: Um, I eat salmon often.

K: Do you think you could ever be a vegetarian?

R: No. I love meat. I could never give it up.

K: What do you think about vegetarians?

R: They live a hard life.

K: Ok, thank you for interviewing with me.


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