Alkaline vs Acidic foods

This week, I am going to blog about Alkaline and Acidic foods. If you don’t already know what they are, Alkaline foods are foods with a basic ph (above 7) and Acidic foods are foods with an acidic ph (below 7). Normally, our blood is suppose to have a Ph around 7.365. It is very important to maintain the ph level of your blood because if your blood ph level even drops down to 6.9, it could result in death or coma. Much of the foods we eat from fast food joints are extremely acidic. Here is a link to a website that charts the acidity levels of different types of foods from different fast food places. Eating acidic foods once in a while is fine because your body will naturally get rid of the excess acidity in your blood, but if you constantly eat foods that lower the ph level in your blood, it could damage your kidneys and lead to acidosis. Acidic foods include canned/glazed fruit, milk products, and almost all meat products. Alkaline foods include most fruits and vegetables, and are much healthier for you. It is also important to note that some foods, such as lemons, are acidic outside the body, but have an alkaline affect on blood once metabolized. Similarly, milk, which is considered a basic liquid, has an acidic affect on the ph of blood once metabolized. A healthy diet should contain around 60% alkaline and 40% acidic foods. As we eat food throughout the day, we should be more mindful of what we are consuming, and make sure to stay healthy. I hope all my viewers out there become more knowledgeable after reading this post and eat more alkaline foods. Say healthy guys. 😀


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